Saturday, August 3, 2013

Two years home!

Today is a very special day. 
 James Ivan officially became our son on August 3rd, 2011. It's been 2 years since he left the orphanage for the last time. 

It's actually pretty shocking to look at those pictures of him!  He has changed so much! 
Here are some of the pictures we just sent to Russia for his 2-year post adoption report.  You can see for yourself just how well our sweet boy is doing! 
James is a preschool graduate:
Eating lunch at preschool. Such a ladies man!

James loves to go on hikes!


James and Uncle buddies!

James had a big hug for his wonderful pre-school teacher, Mrs. Wright.  She was such a blessing the past two years!

Amelia and James Ivan have a special bond:

I uploaded this pic from Grant's iPod.  He loves James so much!

James loves being outdoors more than any child I know!

Representin' at the Knoxville Buddy Walk:

Such a photogenic little guy!
A rare family photo.  Gotta get better at taking more of these!


Two years home.  We are so thankful for James Ivan and how far he has come in such a short time.  He is a happy, busy, curious, stubborn, funny, clever, adorable little guy. 
 And he knows it.  :)
James Ivan is still my hero.  He spent 4 years in survival mode before these 2 years in our family.  His adjustment is nothing short of a miracle.  Sometimes well-meaning people will say, "he is such a lucky little boy."  But we know better...WE are the ones who received the gift. 


  1. Many others have been blessed as well. We were very happy to have finally met him a few weeks ago.