Thursday, November 14, 2013

Confections for Connie

We have a need. Our adoption expenses are rolling in and we are struggling to keep up.  So we have come up with a little fundraiser and it's a yummy one. 

Homemade Peppermint Bark. 

This is not your average confection.  I have researched, sampled, and melted many different chocolates...and finally came up with something that I am truly proud to sell for this fundraiser. 

Two layers of velvety Guittard premium chocolate, infused with all-natural peppermint oil and topped with crushed peppermint bits.  Not only does Guittard chocolate taste amazing, it is all natural (no preservatives or additives) and is processed in a peanut and gluten-free facility*. Another huge plus in my book: Guittard chocolate is Fair Trade Certified.  The crushed peppermint candies are all-natural as well (from Trader Joe's).  Each box contains approximately 12 oz. of bark.

The bark will come sealed and inside a box with the "Confections for Connie" label (and a little thank-you note from our family).  I think it will make a great gift for the holidays and the proceeds will all go to help bring our daughter home.  We have an immediate need of $5,200 (for agency fees), which equals about 500 boxes of bark.  Chocolate and I are good friends, so I'm ready for the challenge! 

*Guittard Allergen Statement

1 box:  $20.00
2 or more boxes: $15.00 each
Shipping charge: $5.00 (per order)

Payment Instructions:

Via Paypal:  Please leave instructions for how many boxes you are ordering.  Click on the link below and use my e-mail for transfer:

Paypal Link

Local friends:  I will deliver! (Which saves you from the $5 shipping charge). Please send me an e-mail with your request and address.  I will collect your payment upon delivery.


  1. This sounds and looks AMAZING!! - LeAnn

  2. Is the shipping charge $5.00 per box or $5.00 per order?

  3. It is $5.00 per order. Thank you for asking! I changed the wording in the post for clarification. :)

  4. If they are ordered now, will it still be fresh by Christmas, or would it be better to order closer to Christmas?

    1. I'm sorry I am just now seeing your question. Yes, the chocolate will still be good if you order now. Thank you!

  5. The peppermint bark is DELICIOUS an comes beautifully packaged! I am back to order more to give as gifts... and who am I kidding, for us to eat.
    -Rachel in MS